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CWC exclusive for the Christmas holiday, this coat is made from new and upcycled sweaters, (12 to be exact) in a kaliedescope of red. Features white faux fur on the bottom, cuffs and collar. Extremely warm and comfy!! Zipper front and tie straps at the middle to cinch the waist.



Because we all come in different sizes, we will make this uniquely to YOUR measurements! Please see the below section, on how to order.




Give yourself a hug! When you purchase this coat, you will have saved 12 sweaters from being thrown away and polluting our ecosystem! :)********************************************************************************************************



Please give us your regular coat/sweater size and height or your bust, waist and hips measurements and desired length that you want us to make the coat at the check out. Please also tell us anything specific you want altered or different than what the picture shows.

It will take up to 10 days to create this magnificent garment.

12 days of Sweaters Christmas Coat

SKU: 364215375135191

    All sweaters are carefully washed and dried before used to prevent further shrinkage after the coat is made. The upcycled material may have very slight irregularities or wonky seams but its what makes the personality of these coats all the more enjoyable! All seams are professionally finished and overlocked/serged, and then top stitched again where necessary, this beautiful sweater coat is meant to last you years! Please handwash and line dry or wash on delicates and line dry for best results and making your coat last! 

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